Lorna Kay Silva, Certified Natural Health Professional, Master HerbalistLorna Kay Silva
Certified Natural Health Professional, Master Herbalist, Iridologist, Nutritional Consultant
“The greatest wealth is health.” (Virgil)

My personal health experiences have proven this statement to be true.  After having endometriosis for 12 years and exhausting all medical treatment, I decided to try natural remedies such as herbs, vitamins and minerals.  My positive results gave me the inspiration to help others with their personal health goals.   Being a holistic health practitioner since 1991 has given me the ability to work with many clients as well as educate others that choose to work in the holistic field.

One of the many tools I use is Iridology; a science that allows a practitioner to look into a client’s iris and determine the integrity of the tissues in the body.  This allows the practitioner to work with the body as a whole instead of treating symptoms.

Another specialty I implement in my practice is customizing herbal programs using an amazing biocommunication system, the Elite Pro 5.0.  Every person is unique and needs different supplements.   Streamlining and knowing exactly what will help your body rebuild is very important and cost effective.

Learn more about health and nutrition – contact Lorna Silva at (303) 904-6834 or Email me to schedule your consultation or inquire about ongoing educational health seminars as well as Herbalist, Master Herbalist, Nutritional Consultant and Iridology programs, which have been approved by the State of Colorado Division of Private Occupational Schools.  Webinar classes are also available.  Best of Health!